Excellence in mental health coaching and communications

Jayne Fox

Hi, it's great to meet you!

I’m Jayne Fox, expert health communicator and empowering ADHD coach and mental health coach.

I support the health and wellness of individuals and communities through ADHD coaching, mental health coaching, translation and communications. I hold a Bachelor of Science with first-class honours and am a Certified Mental Health Coach. I also have extensive experience and qualifications in writing, editing, translation, management, training and coaching.

As a PreKure-certified and HCANZA-recognised Mental Health Coach and ADHD Coach, I help people make sustainable, healthy changes and support them on their health journey so that they can live better lives.

Visit my website for ADHD coaching and mental health coaching here: jaynefoxhealthcoaching.co.nz

Have a look at my website for German-English medical translation and writing: jfmedicaltranslation.com

Or my website for sci-tech translation and corporate communications: foxdocs.biz

Read my blog about medical translation and writing at: translation-clinic.com

Or just get in touch – I’d love to hear from you.


Jayne is very easy to work with and delivers superb work, right on schedule. Her valuable advice rounds off her excellent service. I am very happy to recommend Jayne without hesitation.


Marit Uckele